Let us teach you the tricks of the trade! Learn the makeup techniques and hairstyles of our favorite classic starlets!

Upcoming Group "Watch and Learn" Class: TBA

Registration begins: TBA.

1960s Joan Harris "Madly Mod" • 1950s Marilyn Monroe "Hollywood Bombshell" • 1960s Audrey Hepburn "Marvelously Metropolitan" • 1940s Betty Grable "Victory Gal" •  1960s Ann-Margret "Viva Las Vegas" • 1950s Bettie Page "Hubba, Hubba Honey" • 1940s Rosie the Riveter "Scarves and Snoods" • 1950s Tempest Storm & Dixie Evans "Burlesque Beauty"  • 1920s Daisy Buchanan & Myrtle Wilson "Glamorous in Gatsby" • 1950s Lucille Ball "Poodle Perfect"

Group "Watch and Learn" Class:
Classes take place every 3-4 months and are open for public registration, group max of 15 students.
$50 per student / Limited seating available. Advance registration required. 2.5 hours with lead makeup and hairstyling artists. Starlet presentation, live model demonstrations, pop quizzes, lesson pamphlet, kit list and free gift!  Bésame Cosmetics discount included.

Private Parties "Apply and Learn" Makeup Class:
$180 per student / 4 to 8 gals required / Advance registration required. 3 hours with lead makeup artist. Starlet presentation, individual coaching, full makeup application, pop quizzes, lesson pamphlet, kit list and free gift with Bésame Cosmetics discount included. Complimentary champagne served.

Session-Lesson "Watch and Learn" Class:
$150 per student / Booked photo shoot required / Advance registration required. Your hair and makeup artist teaches you as she styles you for your photo shoot session, making this class tailored to your specifics! Adds one hour to your photo shoot session time. Coaching, full makeup application, full hair style, lesson pamphlet, kit list and Bésame Cosmetics discount included.

Natasha Noir

FITP Lead Vintage Hairstylist and MUA.

"With the right tools and a bit of practice you'll be strutting out of your house like Monroe in no time!"

Kelly Estes


"Whether you're dressed in vintage from head-to-toe or in today's latest trend, the classics suit everyone in any look!"

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