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Shoot Themes

All of our themes are actual themes used during the 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s!

Our packages include one Shoot Theme option of your choice; you may add an additional Shoot Theme to any package for $150 (see our Booking page for details).

Archery • Artist • Baseball • Beach • Bedroom • Bettie Page • Birthday • Bowling • Burlesque • Casino • Christmas • Circus • Congratulations • Cowgirl • Crafts • Easter • Fashion • Firefighter • Fishing • Fitness • Garage • Garden • Golf • Greaser • Halloween • Hollywood • Ice Skating • Kitchen • Library • Lounge • Magician • Maid • Mambo • Mardi Gras •  Mexico •  Military • Music • New Year • Nurse • Oriental • Office • Patriotic • Picnic • Police • Roller Skating • Safari • Sailor • Science • Sock Hop • Sputnik* • Teacher • Tennis • Tiki • Travel • Vanity • Valentines • Wedding

Exclusive Themes Currently Available: 20s/30s Dazzlin' Deco • Comic Con •  Queen's Gambit • Mouseketeer • Drop Dead Deco • Barbie

Exclusives and themes marked with a * symbol have an additional charge for required specialty retouching.


Choose your ultimate pinup photo shoot session!

All packages include one-on-one coaching on poses and expressions. All packages include authentic vintage wardrobe and props, including wardrobe styling. All packages include a full transformation with our exclusive makeup artist and hairstylist. All packages include one Shoot Theme, your choice of 1940s, 1950s, or 1960s era. All packages include retouching. All packages include our Star Service (see our Booking page for details).

All Shoot Theme options and Add-Ons may be added to any desired package (unless noted).

Be sure to read our Guidelines before booking.

Bare Essentials Mini:

Prop used for wardrobe. Blanket, hats, umbrella, flag, towel, feather fans, etc.

• 11x17 Pinup Poster
• Digital Set of Top 3 Photos (6 photo proofs)

2-3 Hours / $500

Marvelous Mini:

• 11x17 Pinup Poster
• Digital Set of Top 3 Photos (6 photo proofs)

2-3 Hours / $550


• 11x17 Pinup Poster
• Digital Set of Top 6 Photos (10 photo proofs)

2-3 Hours / $630


• 11x17 Pinup Poster
• Peephole
• 3) 5x7 Prints
• Toner Retouching
• Prop for keeps! Bettie Riding Crop
• Digital Set of Top 6 Photos (10 photo proofs)

2-3 Hours / $700

Victory Gal:

• 11x17 Pinup Poster
• Backdrop Design
• 3) 5x7 Prints
• Toner Retouching
• Custom Dog Tag Chain
• Digital Set of Top 6 Photos (10 photo proofs)

2-3 Hours / $730

Calendar Gal:

• Custom 12-Month Vintage Replica Calendar
• Toner Retouching
• Digital Set of Top 12 Photos (15-24 photo proofs)

Additional Shoot Theme Split: $50 each or 11 for $40 each

3-8 Hours / $850

Wolf Whistle:

A shot-by-shot striptease. Conservative to risque.

• Framed Showcase
• Toner Retouching
• Digital Set of Top 15 Photos (no photo proofs)

2-3 Hours / $1000


The ultimate pinup session. Full day reserved. Complimentary champagne and treats.

• Pinup Collection Album
• Toner Retouching
• Digital Set of Top 30 Photos (no photo proofs)

Up to 6 Shoot Theme Splits

Complimentary champagne and treats.

Open / $1800

Pinup Party:

3-6 participants. Back-to-back individual photo shoots. Complimentary champagne and treats.

Each receives:
• 11x17 Pinup Poster
• Shared Group Photo
• Digital Set of Top 3 Photos (6 photo proofs)

4-8 Hours / $530 each

Upgrade your Pinup Party: Cake, decor, music, and party favors in your choice of Deco, Birthday, Tiki, Hollywood or Sock Hop themes / +$150 

Find current specials and exclusive packages within our Pin Updates! Bulletin and FITP social media!

Package Add-Ons

Make your package even more fabulous!
Add-Ons may be added to any desired package.

Additional Digital Set Photo: $25 (per photo)
Add more of your proofs to your Digital Set! Retouching service.

Toner: $10-25 (per photo)
Add more vintage flair to a photo with toner retouching!

Backdrop Design: $10-$35 (per photo)
Add atomic stars, a keyhole, message, or retro graphics that match your shoot theme!

Pinup Poster: $50
Have a duplicate of your original or have another favored photo made into a 11x17 Pinup Poster!

Fine Printing:
Our printing is embossed and color graded specifically for our artwork.
4x6 Keepsake Print $5 • 5x7 Keepsake Print $10 • 8x10 Keepsake Print $20 • 11x14 Fine Art Print $50 • Larger Fine Art Prints $60+ • Wallet Set $20

Print Release: $100
Print Release for your Digital Set so you can make prints elsewhere.
Includes your Digital Set in high resolution.

Playing Card Deck: $50
Lady luck! Have a favored photo featured on a deck of playing cards!

Bettie's Canvas:
Have a favored photo wrapped on canvas, no frame needed!
5x7 Mini Canvas $45 • 11x14 Canvas $100 • 12x18 Canvas $125 • 16x24 Canvas $200 • 20x30 Canvas $250 • 24x30 Canvas $300

Bogart's Brag Book Set: $55
Two (one for you, one for another) pocket sized accordion-paged books that show off ten of your Digital Set photos! (10 vertical photos required)

Peep Show Keychain: $45
A classic novelty! Have a favored photo featured in a 35mm viewfinder keychain!

Centerfold Collage: $60
Have an 11x16 centerfold collage featuring three of your favorite photos!

Pinup Sheet Calendar: $25
Have a favored photo featured on an 8x10 full-year sheet calendar!

Film "Strip": $90
Just like they did back then! Have four favored photos made into a 35mm film strip displayed in 2x6 acrylic!

Sh-Boom Showbook: $200
Have your Digital Set photos presented in a show book ... just perfect for the bedside! 12-24 gallery pages, custom embossed, black leatherette, 8x8. (12 photo minimum required)

Pinup Collection Album: $500+
Have your Digital Set photos presented in an exquisite collection album!
24 gallery pages, custom embossed with page gilding, multiple surface options, 12x12. (25 photo minimum required)